July 21, 2008

Server upgrade - at last!

I promised it and by gum, here it is. The two week warning about the server upgrade. Well, it’s almost August in the year 2008. The server upgrade that you have been hearing about is again scheduled for August 5 & 6. We’ve set two days aside for fixing the inevitable problems that MAY appear. On August 5, please do not expect to use NHU-PAC at all. There are many hands that are involved and they all have to work together.

August 6 is being billed as a clean-up day. If the system is up and functioning – use it. But, please be aware that availability may be interrupted while this or that switch is being changed, modified, or turned off.

Thank you for your patience and interest in this project. I hope the outcome will be invisible to out users once the system is stabilized and functioning properly.

Charles A. Le Blanc
Supervisor – NHAIS Services

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