August 28, 2008

Kangaroos & Didgeridoos

As Charlie mentioned in a recent post, in addition to the other problems with NHU-PAC recently we have been without dynamic indexing as well. When the dynamic indexer is working as it should as a record is added to NHU-PAC here in NHAIS services you can find that record with a NHU-PAC search right away. Actually, "right away" means within about 5 minutes, but that is pretty close to actually being "right away," except on those occasions that I am sitting there waiting for a specific record to be available in the NHU-PAC.

Anyhow, during the week that we were without dynamic indexing roughly 1200 NEW bibliographic records were added to the NHU-PAC. These records came from NHAIS Services staff finding and loading records from OCLC to match brief records added to the NHU-PAC by libraries; from libraries with OCLC access sending us files of OCLC records that we loaded to NHU-PAC; and from original cataloging completed here in NHAIS Services and loaded to both OCLC and the NHU-PAC.

The new original cataloging records include a sound recording many of you may have been using this summer as part of the "G'Day for Reading" Summer Reading Program. The cataloging record for Steve Blunt and Joseph Carringer's CD Kangaroos & Didgeridoos: Kid-friendly Australian Songs & Stories is now in the NHU-PAC and ready for your use. It is NHU-PAC record number 2204767. Other recent NHAIS original cataloging titles include Women of Granite (added to NHU-PAC in June as record #2183489) and The Story of Jonathan M. Daniels: Hero for Civil Rights (added in August as record #2198768). You can see what else has been added to NHU-PAC as part of the NHAIS Original Cataloging program by going to the "Original Cataloging" subtab of the "About NHAIS" tab in the NHU-PAC.

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