August 20, 2008

New server

The Gilford Public Library got early word of the server upgrade and held a premature ribbon cutting ceremony for the event. The are just so enthusiastic in Gilford and are willing to celebrate before the event - even a long awaited event like our server upgrade. Congratulations to the Town of Gilford on its new library.

The programmer from SirsiDynix has promised that about 9:00 AM EDT the new server will be pressed into active duty. This will create a short outage of about 15 minutes around that time. The programmer has been involved in the original configuration of out iPACs so I do not anticipate any problems - however ...

There MAY be other outages if and when problems are found and solutions are made to the iPAC presentations.


1 comment:

  1. Trust me, there will be problems..
    Arent there always


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