August 7, 2008

Server swap Thursday update

This Thursday morning (August 7) update about this week's NHU-PAC server upgrade is from Charles Le Blanc:

The planned migration from the old server to the new more powerful NHU-PAC server started a day later than planned. I have not received an explanation of this from SirsiDynix. The setup of the applications that make the iPAC look the way it does is going forward. The problem is that this is not a simple one iPAC server migration. There are actually 4 different iPACs running on our current server. Because of the complexities, the setup time is greater than SirsiDynix had allotted and thus instead of the final testing taking place yesterday, the actual move will be sometime today.

I am really upset that you have been inconvenienced by this unplanned schedule change. Hopefully, everything will be moved and functioning today. There will be a short time while the IPs are being changed that the system will be unavailable, but that should be the only outage today.

I thank you for your patience and forbearance.


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