September 18, 2008

ILL software being released

Thursday, 18 September 2008

SirsiDynix is releasing a new version of URSA today. In case that doesn’t mean anything to you – if you do ILL on NHU-PAC you are using URSA 3.0. The new and improved version is really nice and easy to use along with the same search capabilities of the NHU-PAC. Most of you are more likely than not wondering when is this guy going to tell us it’s available, or at the very least, that the planning process has begun. Well – it ain’t necessarily so. The fly in the ointment is that since there are greater capabilities there is also a software cost.

The dollar amount is unimportant since we will receive this upgrade as part of our maintenance agreement. The cost of which I speak is that there is a client software required. Each and every user would have to have this software installed on the computer used for ILL. This is an option that I will not implement. Having to install the software and maintain it is a burden too great for NHAIS Services to bear. The experience with the Gaylord Bros., Galaxy software, Supercat made it very clear to all of us in NHAIS that no matter how easy the supplier claims it is to install and maintain the software there are the inevitable difficulties that turn a good thing into a nightmare.

Believe me, please, NHAIS Services would very much like to see the newest Version of URSA up and running for ILL users. However, the reality of the client software requirement make that unlikely. Sirsi/Dynic has plans for an upgrade that will be useable through a web browser, just as the iPAC is now. This release is slated for sometime in 2009. Perhaps by then we’ll be well on our way through the bidding process for the “next generation system”

Charlie (10, 12)

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