October 14, 2008

Technology Marketing

How does your library market technology? Do you provide computer help? Offer demos on using the downloadable audiobooks? Help people set up email accounts? It would appear that personal tech-assistance might be the vital component in technology marketing.

Take a minute to read the following article from TeleRead, a blog dedicated to e-books. The article is about a new Borders concept store that features a nearly empty technology section, void of customer (or staff) presence.

“If you build it, they will come” only works in the movies. If they really want to succeed Borders needs to do something beyond just making all this technology available in the store.

It sounds like a page from our book, doesn't it? Just offering the technology might not be enough for some people. The education and training we, as librarians, can offer our patrons is just as important as the technology itself.

If you have questions about new technologies or need help getting your staff trained, let me know! I am always happy to work with you on custom technology training. Email me at: bobbilee.slossar at dcr (dot) nh (dot) gov

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