November 25, 2008

Evernote: Revisited

I've talked about Evernote before on this blog, but the significant changes to the program merit another post. As a Windows-based program, the previous version of Evernote was my saving grace at work. Every important email, every piece of instruction, anything I needed to store, and more importantly, find again was placed in my desktop-version of Evernote. Each note could be found by a full-text search, by browsing tags or a timeline. Without a doubt, these features alone make for a fantastic technology. How could it get any better? Let me tell you how...

  1. Evernote is no longer just for PCs. There is software available for PCs, Macs, iPod Touch/iPhone, and Windows Mobile phones.

  2. There is Web-based Evernote software. Why bother with Web-based when you already have a desktop-based version on your computer? Simple: The Web-based software provides a connection between your multiple computers. The data you add to Evernote at work is immediately accessible from home or from any Internet connected computer or mobile device. A quick click of a "Sync" button on your desktop-based software syncs the notes between computers. Amazing.

  3. Additional ridiculously fantastic features: Multiple notebooks, shared (public) notebooks, PDF indexing (Windows), Snapshots (Mac & iPhone), Voice notes (iPhone), and more.
This is how to get started with Evernote:
  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Download the software to your PC or Mac.
  3. In order to install the software, you'll need to provide your Evernote account information.
  4. Add a new note by clicking "New Note" or highlighting text and right-clicking the option to add to Evernote.
  5. Keep adding notes from your email, the Web, etc.
Watch this great video for a quick overview of Evernote:

Link to video

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