December 4, 2008

Ebsco RSS Alerts

Ebsco makes it easy to get reminders about new issues of your favorite magazines. You'll need a newsreader to take advantage of the RSS feeds provided for each title. In this day and age, newsreaders are easier than ever to locate and configure. Take a look at this post for instructions on making a typical Google search page into your personal iGoogle page. One of the many uses of your iGoogle page is to manage RSS feeds.

I realize that many of the images are too small to see any detail. Click to expand the images.

  • Now that you have a newsreader ready to go, visit Ebsco.
  • Choose a database to search for magazine titles. (I like Academic Search Premier, since it holds 4500 full-text titles.)
  • Click on the corresponding title list.

  • Search for a title.
  • Click on the link "Alert/Save/Share"
  • A small pop-up box appears.
  • Click on RSS link.
  • A larger pop-up box appears.

  • There is a link in the box. This is your RSS feed. You have the choice of copying and pasting the feed into your newsreader or clicking on the link to add it to a Web-based newsreader like iGoogle, Google Reader or Bloglines.

  • When you click on the RSS link, you'll have the choice of subscribing to the feed using Google, Yahoo or Bloglines.
  • If you choose Google, you'll then be given the choice to add it to your iGoogle page or Google Reader. For this example, I've chosen the Reader.

  • This is what the feed looks like in Google Reader. Each time a new issue is published, you'll see a list of new articles in your newsreader.

  • To read the full article, click on the title. You'll be taken to that record in Ebsco.
Remember, to read the full-text of the article, you'll need to have access to the database either by IP address authentication or a username and password.

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