January 24, 2009

LOST BOOKS - December 2008

Here’s the lost book list for December. List is also available for viewing/editing anytime at http://nhaislostbooks.pbwiki.com. If you want to add or edit the list, contact Mary Cronin at the Madison Library for the password.


Loving Frank by Nancy Horan, Call Number F HOR and Barcode # 44235 was put on the van in Wolfeboro to be returned to Nichols Library in Kingston. It did not arrive in Kingston. Would appreciate if if everyone could check their shelves. Thanks, Susan, Wolfeboro PL (wolfelib@metrocast.net)


This book was shipped on December 18 to Joseph Patch in Warren but we have not received it. Could you check?
Joanne, Joseph Patch, Warren

Could you all check your shelves for this book that seems to have gone missing between Mason and its home
Pigboat 39: an American sub goes to war
by Bobette Gugliotta ( 940.5451)

Thanks a million, Denise at Mason PL


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