February 25, 2009


Dear NHAIS members (or current cyber resident):

Due to some internal NHU-PAC workings the keyword & browse indexes for NHU-PAC titles will be re-created the weekend of 6-9 March 2009. The process will begin about 6:00 PM on Friday 6 March. From this time until the reindexing is complete only titles that have been indexed will show up in browse or keyword searches. As the process continues more and more titles will be visible through these searches.

The last time this reindex was done the entire process took 4 days. With the new server in place, I hope the reindex will be mostly completed by Monday morning, 9 March. If it is not, the bulk of the records will be available at that time through all searches.

The weekend was chosen to minimize the disruption of work flows caused by the database not being at 100% functionality. There are currently 1.9 million titles in NHU-PAC, with roughly 12 million “holdings”.

Charles A. Le Blanc
Supervisor NHAIS Services
New Hampshire State Library
603.271.2310 charles.leblanc@dcr.nh.gov

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