April 29, 2009

Improved LibraryThing Widgets

Have you checked out the new LibraryThing widgets recently? Fab-u-lous! I've always loved the colorful book cover widgets, but hated how clicking on the book cover brought you to Amazon and how clicking on the title brought you to the book's social information on LibraryThing. Now when you click on the title or book cover, the book information pops up and you get to choose to visit Amazon or LibraryThing. Go ahead, click on a title. Nice, huh?

As always, if you want to use LibraryThing for your library, please purchase a non-profit account; it only costs $15/year and you can add up to 5000 titles.

Note: This is my personal LibraryThing account; don't make fun of my reading preferences!

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