July 30, 2009

Thank you, Charlie!

After 21 years at the New Hampshire State Library, today marks Charles Le Blanc's last day as a state employee. He has been the leader, champion, and supervisor of NHAIS for as long as any of the current NHAIS staff can remember. In 1999 I worked at an OCLC network in Washington, D.C. and was looking to move to N.H. When I asked the few New England librarians I knew -- mostly at NELINET -- who I should know in N.H. Charlie Le Blanc was the name that came up.

I have been working for Charlie since the fall of 1999 and it has been a wonderful experience. Charlie taught me most of what I know about library automation and everything I know about the unique character of libraries in the Granite State. It will be a different office without Charlie, and he will be missed by us all. I expect he will be too busy fishing, brewing, and generally having a good time to think much about NHAIS, but I hope that when he does think of it he realizes how many of the successes and accomplishments we have had over the years are thanks to him.
Happy retirement Charlie!

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