September 23, 2009

DVD and CD records available in NHU-PAC

From a recent posting to the NHAIS-L list:

"Does anyone know of a good place to find MARC records for DVDs that can be imported? I have a pile of them that need cataloging and I can’t avoid them any longer. I believe they were purchased through Amazon, so no vendor records available."

NHAIS members may download MARC bibliographic records from the NHU-PAC at no charge. The database contains thousands of records for DVDs held by New Hampshire libraries but if what you're looking for isn't there you can enter information through NHU-PAC's Add Brief Records form and NHAIS Services will add (at no charge) a full record to the database based on your submission.

Those unfamiliar with this process are encouraged to sign up for 2 classes (also free!) coming up in Concord on October 27: Searching the NHU-PAC and Copy Cataloging with NHU-PAC. Sign up with our online registration system.

And here's a free tip for those trying to find records for DVDs and CDs in the NHU-PAC: if the item you're trying to catalog doesn't have an ISBN, try entering a UPC or publisher's stock number in the "Numbers appearing on materials" search under Browse Indexes. If you just got the new Wolverine movie on DVD, either 024543602859 (found near the retail bar code) or 226028 (found elsewhere on the packaging) will lead you to the right record.

Browse searches give you an alphabetical (or, in this case, numeric) list of results. Click on the number in the left-hand column to see details on a particular record.

If the publisher number has a prefix, include it. For example, to find the record for the CD Choose Your Partners! from Smithsonian Folkways, use SFW CD 40126 as found on the spine.

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