December 8, 2009

De-dupe and re-index

Tuesday, December 8: Attention catalogers: don't delete any duplicate holdings your library might have in the NHU-PAC this morning. A few times each year NHAIS Services runs a program to remove duplicate holdings and today is one of those times. The program looks for instances where more than one holding from the same location is found attached to the same bibliographic record. The most-recently-added holding will be retained and all older ones will be deleted. It takes several hours for this process and if, while it's running, you choose to delete the newest holding, it's possible that the deduplicating process will later remove the earlier holdings so you end up with no holdings attached to a bibliographic record when that wasn't your intention. By noon today the process should be done and you may manually delete any further duplicate holdings you find after that. Once duplicate holdings are removed, NHAIS Services will build a new index for the NHU-PAC which will be installed tomorrow morning, resulting in a brief disruption of NHU-PAC searching prior to 7:45.

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