April 19, 2010

DEADLINE for NHPLAR is TODAY - April 19th

From Janet Eklund:

As of this morning there are 70 out of 234 libraries who have NOT finished their annual reports. By utilizing the "STATUS" tab in the survey, one can determine what is still lacking in the survey in the EDIT CHECKS and UNANSWERED QUESTIONS tabs.

If the edit checks are causing you difficulties, please remember that the report is looking for any text to be entered into the blank box to ensure that your data is correct. If it is correct, simply type "correct" in the text box or the "reason why the number is vastly different from last year." This text must be saved using the "save corrections" button. Once saved, the edit questions change from RED to GREEN.

All questions must have a response in them. If your library does not collect data on a question or the answer is zero, enter N/A or 0.

After reviewing and completing the status problems with your survey, select the "SUBMIT SURVEY" tab to finish.

Janet Eklund, Administrator of Library Operations New Hampshire State Library, is available every day this week to assist you. Please call (603-271-2393) or email her!

Thank you for making the 2009 NHPLAR a priority this week.

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