May 10, 2010

NHAIS Help Desk at NHLA

It has fallen upon my shoulders to preside over the pamphlets and mouse pads at the State Library table on the first day of the NHLA Spring Conference (May 13). This presents an opportunity for you to ask those nagging NHAIS- and NHU-PAC-related questions that you've never quite found the time to call or write about. Or just stop by to say "hi."

While I'm at the conference Thursday, you can still contact the NHAIS Help Desk through the regular channels (271-2141 or I understand that Bobbi Slossar will be at the State Library table for a few hours on Friday. She can handle your questions about downloadable audiobooks and eBooks and online databases and assorted technological matters. If you're looking to download MARC records for those audiobooks and eBooks from the NHU-PAC, though, that's right up my alley.

There's one question I expect might come up because we haven't said anything about it in a long time: whatever happened to plans for the next generation of the NHU-PAC? To spare you having to ask at the conference (but don't be afraid to bring up the topic if you'd like to know more) I've posted a separate message on this topic.

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