August 17, 2010

NHU-PAC Downtime Survey

There were 102 responses to my question about NHU-PAC downtime. Clearly morning is better than afternoon and Tuesday is a little better than other days. Thanks for your input. We will work out a schedule to run this quarterly backup on Tuesdays. A system message will be posted, as usual, in advance of the scheduled downtime.

Here are the results:

There are several days/times that NHU-PAC might be brought down so the backup process can be run. Which of these times is the least disruptive for your library?

31% Tuesday, before 10am
28% Wednesday, before 10am
15% Thursday, before 10am
10% Any of these times would be OK, none is better than another
9% Wednesday, after 3pm
5% Thursday, after 3pm
2% Tuesday, after 3pm

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