November 22, 2010

NHDB: eBook Presentations

Here are the presentations I created earlier this year that give step-by-step instructions for using eBooks.

A presentation for PC and Nook users.
A presentation for Mac and Nook users.
A presentation for PC and Sony Reader users.
A presentation for Mac and Sony Reader users.

And here is the information for the Bluefire Reader (developed by the Bluefire people). The Bluefire Reader is an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app that allows you to read OverDrive EPUB eBooks:

Note: It is possible to email yourself the unlocked EPUB file (.acsm) and open the attachment on your Apple device with the Bluefire app. But sometimes finding the file can be a challenge, depending on the browser and settings used. I've verified that this works, but I needed help finding the .ascm file on my PC. (Thanks to Linda for pointing me to this, and Mat for finding the file on Windows!) See the following instructions from the Library Journal blog:

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