January 4, 2011

Does Your Rural Public Library Need New Childrens Books?

Ann Hoey sent this out to NH libraries today with the suggestion that you should take a look at this grant opportunity if you are in a community of fewer than 5,000 residents.

The Children's Literacy Foundation (CLiF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing a love of reading and writing among children throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. CLiF's programs have already touched the lives of many thousands of children across the Twin states. One of the ways CLiF supports children's literacy is by awarding Rural Library Sponsorships for libraries in towns with less than 5,000 inhabitants. Each sponsorship includes $2,000 worth of new, high-quality, children's books as well as a 45-minute storytelling presentation to all the towns elementary school children at which we deliver all the new books.

Please note that libraries are able to choose the books they would like from a list of more than 800 titles. In addition we will also sponsor a local childcare center or home daycare by providing them with a storytelling session, a collection of brand-new children's books and give-away books for their children. Most CLiF book delivery celebrations take place at the local elementary school, and we typically have every child in town from Kindergarten to Grade 6 attend these special events. Its a very memorable occasion that rekindles the children's interest in books and reading, and reminds them of the treasures that await them at their local library. Most libraries find that their children's book circulation increases significantly, immediately following a CLiF sponsorship.

If your library is interested in applying, please visit www.clifonline.org to download an application or contact CLiF at (802) 244-0944 and they will be happy to send you one. This is also the point of contact if you need more information about CLiF's Rural Library Sponsorships.

The deadline for the next application is February 1!

This sponsorship is completely free for your library!

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