January 14, 2011

NHU-PAC Reaches 2 Million Records

At 12:03pm, on Monday December 13, 2010 an OCLC bibliographic record was added to the NHU-PAC for Extreme New England Weather by Josh Judge. This was the 2 millionth bibliographic record in the NHU-PAC. It was added at the request of the Weeks Memorial Library in Lancaster.

As of today there are several holdings on this record, including one for J. A. Tarbell in Lyndeborough. On November 17, 2010 they put in the first request for a record for this title, but since no record existed on OCLC on that date the request was set aside to be re-searched. (As part of the normal processing routine in NHAIS requests that have all the needed info but that don't match an existing OCLC record are set aside and re-searched within 2 weeks.)

On 12/07/2010 a record for this title was added to the OCLC WorldCat. Consequently, when the title appeared in the batch of requests submitted to NHU-PAC on December 7, 2010 it was found (on the 8th) and added to the database. Holdings from previous requests were then added onto this bibliographic record.

Those of you who pay close attention to details may notice that this record is not NHU PAC Record #2000000. That is because records are added and removed from the database by the hundreds each week. Every record that goes into the NHU-PAC--a brief record to let us know a library needs ar ecord for something, or a test load of a record that is later deleted, or a full MARC record ready for holdings to be attached--gets the next sequential record number assigned to it. When we remove a record--a duplicate, or a brief record, or whatever--the number that was assigned to the deleted record isn't reused. So, it took us 2,512,457 loaded records to get 2,000,000 good MARC records in the database.

Congratulations to everyone who adds records to NHU-PAC, a great resource for NH libraries is getting better all the time thanks to your contributions!

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