January 10, 2011

Special Offer on Patron Barcodes

If you have been thinking about moving to standard barcodes for your patrons – or if you are running low on patron barcodes and want to stock up – we have negotiated a special one-time deal with Reliance Label, our barcode vendor.

If you place an order (by emailing the info outlined below) by 3pm on Monday, Janury 31, 2011:

You can get 1000 patron barcodes, with your library name (or whatever 25 characters you want) printed on them for $20.

If you want duplicate labels (2 of each number, one for the patron's card, one for your records) you can get that with a 1000 label order.

You also have the option of ordering 500 patron barcode labels (duplicate labels not allowed) for $15.

Shipping, handling, and set up fees have been bundled into this package price. However, unlike typical barcode orders placed with NHAIS Services, these orders will be shipped as a single order to the NHSL and redistributed via van delivery. You will receive an invoice for your order from NHAIS in the package with the barcodes.

To order, send an email with all the information requested below to mary.russell@dcr.nh.gov by 3pm on 1/31/2011. Incomplete or late orders cannot be honored at this special price.

Library placing order: ____________________________________
HSA code: _______________
Person placing order: __________________________
Phone #: ____________________________________

Van delivery address: ___________________________________

Qty of patron barcodes (500 or 1000): ____________

Do you want duplicate numbers? ______ (if yes, you will get half as many unique numbers as indicated above)

Patron barcodes begin with 2, followed by your 4 digit institution identifier.
Your identifier (if you don't know it list your HSA code and we will look it up): _____________

What 8 digit number (including leading zeros) do you want your order to begin at? (This will be positions 6-13 of the 1st label): ______________________________________

What do you want printed above the number on each label (up to 25 alphanumeric characters, including spaces, capitalized as indicated here):

For Duplicate labels only: What do you want printed on the 2nd set of labels (up to 25 alphanumeric characters, including spaces, capitalized as indicated here):

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