February 10, 2011

DDC Update

A few items of interest regarding the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC):

  • The renewal/subscription period for ordering WebDewey through NHAIS begins today (2/10/2011) and runs through March 30, 2011. The current cost to NHAIS libraries for a one-year subscription is $220. Renewal notices went out to the directors of currently subscribing libraries via van delivery today. OCLC has an online demo you can view if you want to learn more about this product.
  • OCLC will soon release a new print edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification, DDC 23. The new edition includes several major changes held for simultaneous publication in the print and Web versions of the DDC plus many interim updates already distributed to users in WebDewey 2.0. The DDC print edition is scheduled for delivery to the Americas in May 2011, and to locations outside the Americas in July 2011. A 10% discount is being offered on pre-orders.
  • Do you need more DDC in your day? Check out 025.431 The Dewey Blog. Recent posts have included explanations about classifying Indian Cooking and Quilting Patterns.

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