February 13, 2011

FAQ: How can I check on the status of an ILL request?

Log into the NHAIS ILL system using your library's username and password. Click the Request Inquiry button on the Staff Menu page. If you know the request number, type it in the appropriate box and hit the Enter key or click the OK button. You may need to scroll down to see the history of the request and any notes that potential lenders included in their replies. If you don’t know the request number, there are many other ways to find your requests. If you search by patron name, title, or author, you’ll need to enter the information exactly as it appears in the request record. You can also search by status and choose whether you just want to see requests made to your library or requests made by your library. To see all active requests to which your library is a party, choose Any for status, click the radio button next to All Current Requests, then click OK.

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