February 17, 2011

FAQ: What’s the best way to see my incoming ILL requests?

From the NHAIS ILL system, Click the Review Incoming Requests button on the Staff Menu page. On the next page, click Print All Requests to display the pick list on your screen. If you’d like to display some but not all of the titles, choose Browse List of Requests to Print, then click the check box next to titles you’d like to see details on and choose Select to Print. The pick list is “printed” to your screen—you’ll need to use your browser’s print commands to get a printout. Choose the Printed Successfully button after seeing and/or printing the incoming requests so the system won’t display these with other new requests unless you specify so by clicking the box next to Process Requests That Have Already Been Printed on the Incoming Requests Menu. If you’d rather keep seeing these requests as long as they’re in Pending status, choose the Cancel Print Operation button after seeing and/or printing the requests.

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