July 6, 2011

Van Route Changes and NHAIS ILL

The NHAIS ILL system has been updated to reflect the new van delivery addresses necessitated by recent budget cuts at the State Library. The addresses of most libraries have not changed, but for those that have (with the exception of one college library that is still being figured out) the new address will display in the ILL system.

As we all work to adapt to the current van delivery schedules please bear in mind that the New Hampshire
Interlibrary Loan Protocol Manual, 1999 includes guidelines for selecting a lender for Interlibrary Loan transactions. The goal of these guidelines is to balance the load of materials travelling from place to place. Please contact the NHAIS Help Desk (271-2141) if you have questions about initiating NHAIS ILL requests.

Certain protocols should be followed when selecting a lending library. Factors such as geographic proximity, document delivery networks, local ILL systems, as well as past performance of the lender, will influence this choice. Generally, Dartmouth College and the University of New Hampshire should be libraries of last resort.

1. The borrowing library should request the material from a library within the local area; e.g., a library within their consortium, cooperative or other formal or informal district.

2. The borrowing library should request the material from a liketype library. Thus, school libraries should make their first requests of other school libraries, public libraries from public libraries, etc.

3. Libraries should attempt to request material from smaller libraries whenever possible so as to better share the ILL load.

4. New Hampshire locations should be exhausted before requesting from out of state libraries.

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