September 12, 2011

NELA conference - Register NOW for lower rates

Networking! Inspiration! Fall Foliage! Innovations! Authors! Social Events! Shopping! Colleagues! Education! Excellent Restaurants! New and useful product and services!

All this, and more is available at the NELA Annual Conference, October 2–4, 2011 in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. Learn about Navigating the New Normal in your library. Register by September 23 for lower Early Registration rates.
Use this link to register for the conference:

Use this link to register for the hotel:

View the programs, authors and other events at

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  1. A Vermont Librarian on the NELA Conference committee had this to say:

    I have been getting tons of inquiries from non-Vermont librarians about the state of our roads. Evidently people are worried they won't be able to get here for NELA Annual. Perhaps NELA and possible individual states could put out a missive that our main interstates are just fine and that if they want to be certain about their route, especially if it is not the interstate, they are welcome to check the Vermont Agency of Transportation Travel Information Service at: There provided is a map of all road issues, including ongoing closures, constantly updated, in both low and high bandwidth resolution. If it is not desirable to send out an email to listservs, if you could pass this information onto people who do ask, and to the person in your state most likely to have to field this question, that would be super helpful!



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