September 19, 2011

Spammy emails

It has come to our attention that a spammer has picked up nh library addresses, including the nhais-l and nhais-ill addresses and is sending messages to the lists that contain links to weird stuff. These are not legitimate messages and you should NOT click on the links. Just delete the messages. If you get email, or go on the internet, you should have virus protection which will help protect you against really bad stuff. These seem to be links, if you don't click them they shouldn't do anything.

We looked at whether anything can be done to block these messages from going out through the list. Because they are being sent as if they are from a legitimate, subscribed email address we cannot block them without moderating all list traffic. This is an option, and if the volume of messages picks up we may go this route. However, this slows down list traffic considerably, and restricts it to within the hours that NHAIS Services is staffed. This seems like an overreaction to a few spam emails.

Why not block the addresses we already know have sent them? We discussed this as well and decided that those addresses have now been used and probably won't be an issue again. The addresses in their address books may be the next ones to send spam, and that brings us back to moderating all list traffic.

David & I will be watching this issue and will change course if it seems needed.

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