December 16, 2011

Friday 4pm status

Moving three library systems from an old server to a new server is a huge project with a lot of moving parts and all of the parts are not moving in the correct direction at this point.

We tested stuff in the restarted NHU-PAC and several things don't work. The most major of these is that the Holdings Maintenance module is not talking to the rest of the system.

I know people are anxious to get back to doing stuff in NHU-PAC, so we are going to leave the system partly up and running over the weekend.

Here's what you CAN do:

1 - search NHU-PAC

  • there are duplicate record displays for lots of things, though not all  which is an outstanding issue to be looked at on Monday
  • also, there are some weird random search errors popping up, resending the same search again seems to work though
 2 - search for stuff in the ILL system and place new requests
  •  the same duplicate issue as in the NHU-PAC is showing up here, but we did a couple of complete transactions cycles and the requests seem to process ok
Here's what you CANNOT do:

 1- add records or holdings through holdings maintenance -- it has been shut down so it won't even display for you because it is not communicating with the database correctly.


We will be back to working on this on Monday morning.

If you observe odd stuff over the weekend -- especially a pattern to the search errors--please email your observations to the NHAIS Help Desk (

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