December 6, 2011

ILL Policies Resource

There was quite a bit of discussion on nhais-l and nhais-ill last week about lending policies and other related ILL topics. One thread of this discussion reminded me that NHAIS Services had been working on a way to make ILL policies easily available to all NHAIS ILL participants. This was the case in the old Galaxy system, but has not been part of the current NHU-PAC.

I spoke with a couple of people who were involved in the listserv discussions about this and have come up with a way to post each NHAIS library's ILL policy in a single place--The ILL Policy Directory--so that anyone who wants to see all the ILL policies can do so. If you have your ILL policy (for lending to other libraries, not just for patron use of ILL) on your library web site then all you need to do to add your policy to the directory is email the URL for the specific page where your policy is to and we will link your directory listing to your policy page.

If you don't have your policy on your website, please consider adding it so that it can be linked into the ILL Policy Directory. If you don't have an ILL policy, check out Developing Your ILL Policy which will walk you through creating one.

We are working on putting a link to the ILL Policy Directory into the yellow sidebar in the NHAIS ILL system. Hopefully this will be in place within a week or so.

This tool is only going to be as useful as the NHAIS ILL libraries make it, however, as it depends on each library to post their own ILL policy and send the link to us to share. We will reassess this tool after about 3 months (in April 2012) and see if enough libraries have contributed links to make it worthwhile to maintain.

If you have questions or concerns about this project, please contact the NHAIS Help Desk at 271-2141.

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