December 16, 2011

NHU-PAC Friday am update

Friday, Dec. 16, 8:15 a.m.: Things are moving along with our upgrade of NHU-PAC hardware and software. We still expect to have the system back online today but it may not happen until the end of the day (as previously announced). There'll be an announcement here on the NHAIS Notes blog when the NHU-PAC is open for business again.

Until we announce that the NHU-PAC is back please don't use the system to modify holdings or start ILL transactions. That's impossible at this writing because the system is offline but at some point today there'll be something that looks like the NHU-PAC online--it will likely be a temporary test environment and any work you do there will be lost. Please check the blog for the announcement about when you can resume using the NHU-PAC.

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