December 30, 2011

Progress on Holdings Maintenance

All the problems with the Holdings Maintenance portion of NHU-PAC have still not been resolved. However, we are making progress. Before Christmas none of the functions of holdings maintenance were working properly except for the export function. Currently the export function works and the "add brief records" functionality works. The scripts that support adding or deleting holdings from a record already in NHU-PAC continue to behave erratically.

If you are seeing issues with the NHU-PAC other than what I described here, please contact the NHAIS Help Desk at 271-2141 or and let us know what you are seeing.


Add or delete holdings from the NHU-PAC through the Holdings Maintenance module. It looks like it might work (aside from the disclaimer you will see on the login page), but it is inconsistent. Any holdings added or deleted through this channel at this point in time are not being successfully added to the NHU-PAC. Please don't waste your time doing a bunch of cataloging that will have to be redone.

You CAN:

  • Search NHU-PAC, all the searching functionality should work as expected.
  • Place and fill interlibrary loan requests in NHU-PAC.
  • EXPORT records from NHU-PAC through Holdings Maintenance
  • Send exported files of records taken from NHU-PAC to for loading.
    This is an exception to the standard policy regarding holdings contributions, but we don't want people to end up with missing holdings. Be sure to follow the guidelines for sending records for loading -- especially indicating the source of the records (NHU-PAC) and your hsa code so we know whose holding to add. You won't be able to add call numbers to your NHU-PAC holdings through this channel.
  • Send us files of records (from your local system, from vendors, etc.) as you normally have to add your holdings to NHU-PAC. Our ability to load records here (with or without call numbers according to your library's established routine) is unchanged.
  • Use the "Add brief records" function of Holdings Maintenance to submit requests for records that are not in the NHU-PAC. These requests will, as usual, be searched on OCLC and matching records that are available will be added to NHU-PAC. This is generally done within one working day and that should be the case at this time.

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