December 19, 2011

Update as of Monday 5:30pm

The problem with the duplicate results from searches in NHU-PAC may be resolved in the morning. We are rebuilding the index which appears to have not created itself correctly the first time. It takes about 8 hours to reindex NHU-PAC and about 4 hours into it today someone (at SirsiDynix, not NHSL- for the record) stopped the reindex by mistake so we had to start over.

The Holdings Maintenance problem is less clear. The holdings maintenance module "talks" to the server that displays data on the web that you see as the NHU-PAC, it also "talks" to the main database server that holds the NHU-PAC data in a sybase server. Somewhere in those various machines there is a setting that is blocking the Holdings Maintenance module from sending info back to the sybase server. I have spend most of the day working with someone from SirsiDynix going through all the settings and testing each one to see if it is the weak link. So far we haven't found it. We will keep at it tomorrow, but meanwhile Holdings Maintenance remains non-functioning.

Those of you who don't believe this isn't working are wasting your time adding or deleting holdings. Each time I look at the transaction logs I see my tests (always on the same few records) and have also been seeing various other records someone out there is working on. Those changes are not being communicated to NHU-PAC and can't be tracked later -- I can see what record was used, but not by whom and not what was done.

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