December 20, 2011

Where We Are at for the Time Being

The server switch is completed, and all but two of the issues have been resolved.

  1. When you first come to the NHU-PAC you very likely have a redirect message flash on your screen before the nhu-pac page loads. This is annoying, but not critical. If you replace the URL for NHU-PAC that is currently in your bookmark (or favorite, or tabset, or whatever) with that will stop happening. We may get it to stop happening at this end at some point, but it is not immediately clear why it is doing that, so making it stop is a problem.
  2. You cannot add or delete holdings from the NHU-PAC through the Holdings Maintenance module. It looks like you can, but it is an illusion, nothing is being written to the database when holdings or brief records are added through holdings maintenance. We are continuing to work with SirsiDynix on this, but it has the people assigned to our project stumped and what with the holidays the other people that might have expertise to offer are not available at the moment. It looks likely that the Holdings Maintenance problem will remain a problem through the holidays.

    We have activated the Holdings Maintenance module -- the tab is now marked "Export Only"
    Our testing indicates that the export of records is working as it should, so if you have materials for which you need records you can go ahead and download them for your local system. So that you don't end up with missed holdings, you can send the exported files of records to for loading. Be sure to follow the guidelines for sending records for loading -- especially indicating the source of the records (NHU-PAC) and your hsa code so we know whose holding to add. You won't be able to add call numbers to your NHU-PAC holdings through this channel.

    If you normally add your holdings to NHU-PAC by sending us files of records you can continue to do that with no change. Our ability to load records here (with or without call numbers according to your library's established routine) is unchanged.

    Items for which you cannot find a matching record on NHU-PAC will have to wait as the "Add brief records" function of Holdings Maintenance isn't communicating with the database. We will be continuing to load records from OCLC, so it may be worth checking the NHU-PAC a second time for new materials you didn't find records for on the first search.

    Deleting holdings will have to wait until things are back to normal.
If you are seeing issues with the NHU-PAC other than these two, please contact the NHAIS Help Desk at 271-2141 or and let us know what you are seeing.

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