January 24, 2012

Desperate Times - My 2 Cents

We continue to work with SirsiDynix and our NH Department of Information Technology colleagues to figure out what is wrong with the ILL server and get it sorted out. It will be at least another few days and could be longer, so some interim ILL procedures are probably called for. There has been some discussion of this issue on the NHAIS-L listserv and several good points have been made there:

  • The searching functions of  NHU-PAC can be used to identify which libraries hold an item -- please use this tool to identify potential lenders and contact them directly.
  • Good records of what you have loaned and what you have borrowed are a valuable tool -- if you don't have an internal record keeping system for this you should set one up. Especially while you are potentially borrowing and lending materials with no external (read NHAIS) tracking system for them
  • Using helpful subject headings on your emails, like "select ill" makes it easier for people to know whether they can (or want to) respond to your request.
The library directory can be used to look up contact info for libraries. Rather than looking up each library individually though, I thought it might be easier for people to have a "cheat sheet" of the ILL contact info for each NHAIS ILL participant. There are pdfs of these sheets (8 pages each, or 4 sheets double-sided) on the NHAIS Services ILL Resources web page. There is a list sorted by town and one sorted by hsa code. This info was compiled from the NHAIS Services ILL registration records and corrections should be sent to nhu-pac@dcr.nh.gov


  1. Thanks so much for the lists!! They will really help.

  2. For the love of God, please email a library directly instead of posting Select ILL messages for ONE library.


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