January 27, 2012

Updated ILL contact lists

We have heard from a few libraries since we put the ILL contact info sheets up on the website that the email addresses were out-of-date. I updated the lists this morning, so if you are using them to directly contact libraries you want to borrow stuff from please update your copies. There are only a few revisions, so you may want to make the corrections on your existing pages rather than print new ones. I used red text for the changes so you can find them easily if you want to do this.

There are two lists: ILL contacts by HSA code and ILL contacts by Town

If you can contact a library directly that holds something you want to borrow, instead of filling the ILL listserv with general requests, that will save a lot of people a lot of email deleting.

If the contact info on these lists for your library needs correcting, please email the change (including your HSA code) to nhu-pac@dcr.nh.gov and I will do another update next week.

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