February 9, 2012

Duplicate search results

Thursday, Feb. 9: NHU-PAC keyword searches continue to yield some duplicate results, with some but not all titles listed twice. This is a display issue; it doesn't mean the bibliographic record or its holdings are actually entered twice in the database.

If you're deleting holdings, you only need to add one instance of the record in question to My List even though you may see your holding listed on two different (but same) search results. If you click the "Add to my list" button for one listing of a particular record, then click the "Add to my list" button for another listing of the same record, you'll get an error message that says "Item may not have been added/removed - contact system administrator." There's no need to let us know about this--just make sure you've got the record you want included in My List.

This morning there were two brief interruptions of NHU-PAC keyword searching while dealing with this problem. Expect more brief (<5 min.) interruptions as work on the duplicate search results continues. While we aim to keep these outages to early in the morning (before 8 o'clock), it may be necessary to interrupt searching later in the day in order to get this fixed. Messages about that will be posted here on the NHAIS Notes blog.

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