February 6, 2012

Public Library Annual Report 2012 - Survey is Open

On January 19, 2012 Janet Eklund announced:

The online Public Library Annual Report for the year 2011 has been released. The survey URL is: http://collect.btol.com/

USERNAMES and PASSWORDS are the same as in past years. If you have misplaced this information, please call (271-2392) or email me. The deadline for submission is April 6, 2012.

I very much appreciate your efforts in submitting timely and accurate data. Clicking on the BLUE underlined question number will provide a pop-up definition, if you need more information on a question.

Please remember: EVERY response area must have data or you cannot submit. Enter Zero (0) for none or N/A if you don't know or you don't collect the data.

If you have problems submitting your reports, let me know and I am happy to help you complete the process.

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