March 21, 2012

NHAIS by the Numbers 2011

Statistics on the use of NHAIS during 2011 have been compiled and added to the NHAIS webpage. The published data include ILL loans and borrows for each NHAIS library (active ILL participant or not) as well as snapshot holdings data for each library for 2002, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Holdings data is collected each January, so the figure listed as "2012" is the number of items listed in NHU-PAC as held by the library in January 2012.

During 2011 there were 225,705 items added to NHU-PAC by NHAIS libraries and 121,382 loans filled through NHAIS ILL (10,100 per month, approximately) by the 285 libraries currently participating in NHAIS ILL. Over the past decade the number of items listed in NHU-PAC has increased by 2,831,599.
Items Loaned in 2011

  • 8 libraries filled more than 2000 NHAIS ILL requests each during 2011
  • 27 libraries filled 1000-1999 requests
  • 148 libraries filled 100-999 requests
  • 81 libraries filled fewer than 100 requests
  • 21 libraries didn't fill any requests all year
Items Borrowed in 2011
  • 3 libraries borrowed more than 2000 items each through NHAIS ILL during 2011
  • 34 libraries borrowed 1000-1999 items
  • 154 libraries borrowed 100-999 items
  • 68 libraries borrowed fewer than 100 items
  • 26 libraries didn't borrow anything all year

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