October 31, 2012

NHU-PAC update: ILL still inaccessible

Wednesday, Oct. 31, 8:20 a.m.: NHU-PAC's ILL server remains unreachable for most users.  Whether you go to the Welcome to NHU-PAC page and click on the ILL tab or have a saved shortcut that points to http://centre.library.state.nh.us/~ursa/staff_login_frame.html, chances are the login page will never load.  Except for a brief period late Friday, this has been the case since Friday morning.  It's a network issue that the state's Department of Information Technology is working on.

A separate issue came up yesterday when "searching" logins weren't working.  This is the login available in the upper right of most NHU-PAC screens except for ILL and Holdings Maintenance.  It's used chiefly to save and retrieve lists of titles found in the NHU-PAC.  That problem was fixed yesterday afternoon.

Yet another issue is the absence of pictures, reviews, and other extra content that should display on many NHU-PAC screens (but not in ILL or Holdings Maintenance).  This content comes from servers in New Jersey that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  As of this morning, cover images are displayed when you get multiple hits from a search but not when you're looking at details on an individual record.

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