November 8, 2012

Current Situation with ILL

As several people on the NHAIS-ILL listserv have observed, the NHAIS ILL system is once again visible beyond the limits of the state network. We had not announced this yet because none of the people who are supposed to be working on this problem did anything to cause it -- it has become visible again by magic.

I have nothing against magic per se, but would urge a certain amount of caution because we don't know how long this will last. When it came back up before on October 26th we got about 15 hours of access before it went down again. To date nothing has been found to be wrong with either the ILL server (according to SirsiDynix) or the state network (according to NHDOIT).

So, if you have ILL's to receive/return/complete certainly log in and deal with those tasks. As far as new requests, you can place them or fill them, but keep good notes in case no one can see them by tomorrow and you have to re-do them via email.

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