February 7, 2013

NHAIS by the Numbers 2012

Statistics for NHAIS Activity during 2012 have been posted on the NHSL website. The spreadsheet includes all libraries registered with NHAIS Services, whether they participate in ILL or not. Besides interlibrary loan transaction information, the number of items listed in NHU-PAC as held by each library is also inlcuded.

During 2012 there were several libraries who had a net loss in holdings. Each NHAIS library is responsible for deleting the NHU-PAC holding for any material they remove from their collection. Mass weeding projects can result in a loss of holdings during a calendar year and holdings clean-up projects can also cause this.

During 2012 there were 156,769 items added to NHU-PAC by NHAIS libraries and 110,502 loans filled through the system (9,200 per month, approximately) by the 287 libraries currently participating in NHAIS ILL.

During 2012 the top lenders in the system based on number of loans filled were:

# Loans Filled
Rochester - Rochester Public
Hampton - Lane Memorial
Keene - Keene Public
Nashua - Nashua Public
Barrington - Barrington Public
Lancaster - W D Weeks Memorial
Concord - Concord Public
Dover - Dover Public
Londonderry - Leach
Manchester - Manchester City

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