March 27, 2013

NHU-PAC searching restored

Wednesday, Mar. 27, 10:45 a.m.: NHU-PAC keyword searching has been restored after a 20-minute outage.  We're temporarily using a backup keyword index while a new index is being built.  You'll be able to find materials that were in the NHU-PAC as of the morning of March 8.  Anything added or changed since then may not be searchable with keyword indexes.  You should be able to find newer materials by using browse indexes (not an option in the ILL program).

It takes several hours to build a new keyword index for our bibliographic records (we have 2,136,841 bibs as of 6:46 a.m. today).  It's likely the new index won't be installed until Thursday morning around 7:35, at which time you should expect a 5-minute interruption of NHU-PAC searching.  After that, new or changed records will be reflected in the indexing in real time.

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