July 31, 2013

Van delivery changes

Hello ILL librarians,
The van delivery schedule has been updated to reflect some recent changes in the van schedule. Please refer to our schedule on our webpage and print out as needed (there is a .pdf version): http://www.nh.gov/nhsl/services/librarians/van_delivery/index.html.

UNH School of Law is now on the NHCUC van, and no longer on the State Library van system.

Allenstown Public Library is now receiving direct delivery (no longer being dropped at Pembroke). Routing slips should be marked To:Allenstown

Regarding the NHCUC (NH College and University Council) van; college libraries that receive materials on their van are included in our van list and marked as NHCUC libraries. It would be easier for our sorting purposes if the routing slip was prominently marked with “NHCUC Van” at the top of the slip. For example:
                To:  NHCUC Van
                        UNH School of Law
The NHCUC van stops at the State Library daily to pick up materials going to their member libraries (and drop off materials going to our van libraries).

Donna V. Gilbreth
Supervisor, Reference and Information Services
New Hampshire State Library
20 Park Street
Concord, NH 03301

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