August 23, 2013

NHAIS-L, NHAIS-ILL messages not reaching some addresses

In recent days we've heard from several subscribers that they hadn't received any messages lately from the NHAIS-L and/or NHAIS-ILL e-mail lists.  In a couple of cases it turned out they weren't subscribed at the addresses they thought they were but in all other cases except one the subscribers had Comcast addresses.  (The exception was a subscriber with a TWC/Roadrunner address.)  We've received information from Comcast related to the problem and have passed that on to the state IT folks who maintain the server used by the lists.

If you're affected by this, one workaround is to subscribe at another address, perhaps creating an e-mail account (at Yahoo, gmail, etc.) just for this purpose.  Then go to for NHAIS-L or for NHAIS-ILL and follow directions in the "Subscribing to..." section.

Another workaround is to view the list archives online.  Follow the links above and look for the archives link near the top of the page.  The catch is that you'll need to know your password for each list.  If you've saved the monthly reminders from the lists sent on the first of each month, you'll find the necessary information there.

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