September 24, 2013

Scheduled LIstserv Downtime

We have been notified by the NH Department of Information Technology (DoIT) that all of the listservs on the server (as well as some other state stuff) are being moved to a new server over several weeks in October.This includes nhais-L and nhais-ILL.

From sometime on Monday until mid-day Tuesday on October 1, October 8, and October 15 the listservs will be unavailable.

 Here is what we have been told:

"DoIT is migrating [your ListServe (maillist)] to a new server.  Once the move is done, users will continue to access the application as usual.  We've planned the migration to be transparent to both you as an administrator and your users.  The only exception to this is that there will be downtime while we make the actual move.

Moves will be done on Tuesday mornings (10/1, 10/8 and 10/15).  Late on the Monday prior to the migration, a "down for maintenance" notice will be posted alerting your users.  Once the move it complete and we have done some additional testing, the maintenance page will be removed and your application will once again be available for users.

It is critical we do this as the server that hosts these applications is well past it's usable lifespan.  This migration will allow DOIT to update the operating system, improve the patching schedule and make use of the state's virtual environment to make support easier.

We have done extensive testing prior to scheduling this work so we do not anticipate any problems."

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