October 25, 2013

Order Discounted Barcodes Before Nov. 6

As our second group of nhaisLOCAL libraries is setting up their new Koha systems there are quite a few barcodes to be purchased. Because NHAIS Services will be placing a barcode order in early November that will include more than 50,000 labels the cost of those labels is only $14.50 per thousand. (a savings of $2.25 per thousand over our normal barcode prices).

The barcodes will be exactly the same ones we always get, and the usual minimum of 10,000 labels per order applies. You can include both material and patron barcode labels in your minimum order.

This large order will be shipped to the NH State Library and then sent out via van to individual libraries. The actual shipping cost billed by the vendor will be divided among the ordering libraries. Until we get the order I don't have an exact figure, but I would expect each library to pay $15 or less for shipping.

The $25 per order handling fee for barcode orders will be reduced to $10 per library for this large order. You should receive the barcodes from this order before the end of November.

If you want to order barcodes at these reduced rates you need to contact the NHAIS Help Desk (271-2141) to place your order by 4pm on Wednesday, November 6, 2013.

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