January 17, 2014

5 Criteria for Federal Definition of a Public Library

A number of librarians have inquired about the new data element in the Annual Report concerning meeting the federal definition of a public library.  The question has always been there “Does the library have paid staff”, but there are 5 criteria the federal government determined define a public library.

1. An organized collection of printed or other library materials, or a combination thereof;
2.       Paid staff;
3.       An established schedule in which services of the staff are available to the public;
4.       The facilities necessary to support such a collection, staff and schedule; and
5.       Is supported in whole in or in part with public funds.
If all 5 are met, the library will answer YES.  If one or more are not met, the library will answer NO.

The 5 criteria are stated  in the survey instructions.    I hope this explains it for you who were wondering.  Look for the survey release next week.

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