January 17, 2014

Prepare for the 2013 Public Library Annual Report

The 2013 report will be released within a few days.  New Librarians who are unfamiliar with the report and/or do not have Usernames and Passwords should contact me.  There are 3 new data elements this year:

1.        Non-resident patron fee, if applicable
2.       Criteria to meet the Federal definition of a public library
3.       WiFi sessions in the library, if known

The pop-up definitions have been revised for these data elements to collect more reliable statistics:
1.        Electronic materials expenses
2.       Employee expenses other than wages/salaries
3.       Online spreadsheet of circulation statistics for downloadable books

The Edit Check process now shows if explanations have been submitted.

If you wish to view data submissions from past years, the annual report site is here   http://collect.btol.com 
Please contact me if you need your login and password.  They do not change from year to year

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