June 25, 2014

Adding NHU-PAC holdings via MARC files

From the NHAIS Help Desk mailbag:

I was wondering is there any other way to enter our records into the state catalog?  For instance, could I just send you a file with ISBNs or a file with our Marc Records?

Now seems like a good time to share the answer, although the query from last week had nothing to do with the current server problem that's had Holdings Maintenance offline since Monday.

If you have MARC records for your new titles, you may send files of these records as e-mail attachments to NHAIS Services.  We will add holdings for your library to the NHU-PAC based on the information in the records.  Please follow the instructions for sending MARC files to NHAIS Services.

Please do not send lists of ISBNs or vendor invoices for your new acquisitions--NHAIS Services cannot process these.

You still need to use Holdings Maintenance to delete holdings.

Questions?  You may reach the NHAIS Help Desk by sending an e-mail or phoning 271-2141.

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