July 21, 2014

Adding holdings to the NHU-PAC

This post talks about how to add holdings to the NHU-PAC based on MARC records you have for your new acquisitions.  It is the first of several posts detailing workarounds for NHU-PAC Holdings Maintenance tasks.

This "workaround" comes first because it really isn't a new procedure.  For more than a decade, libraries have been sending NHAIS Services files of MARC records either exported from their catalogs or as received from vendors.  The files are sent as e-mail attachments and NHAIS Services adds holdings to the NHU-PAC by matching the records in the submitted files with what's in the NHU-PAC.  The procedures for this method of submitting holdings have been in place for years and are documented online.

The NHU-PAC continues to grow, albeit more slowly, in the absence of Holdings Maintenance.  That growth is entirely attributable to libraries sending files of MARC records.  Since the Holdings Maintenance server crashed four weeks ago, the count of bibliographic records in the NHU-PAC has grown by 2636 while holdings are up by 9815.  For comparison, in the previous four weeks, while Holdings Maintenance was still working, the count of bibliographic records increased by 4054 while holdings went up by 19,902.

But what if you've been getting MARC records for your catalog from the NHU-PAC?  A workaround for that will be covered in another post.

NOTE: Links were updated in this post on 9/26/2017

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